The Sins of the Fathers is episode two of season four of Inspector Morse.

Synopsis Edit

Trevor Radford, Managing Director of the family's Radford Breweries, is found murdered in the brewery. He had been working late one evening mounting a defense against an unwelcome takeover attempt from a rival brewery. There appears to be some disagreement in the family as to whether they should sell out. His brother Stephen, an entrepreneur in his own right, thought the time had come to rid themselves of a losing proposition but their father would like to maintain the family tradition that now spans 150 years. Morse and Lewis learn that Trevor's wife was having an affair with Stephen, so there is always the possibility that there this is a crime of passion rather than greed. They also learn of a long ago claim against the business' assets.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Andy Bradford - Trevor Radford
  • Trevor Martin - Alan Sowden
  • Paul Mooney - Pathologist
  • Simon Slater - Norman Weeks
  • Kamilla Blanche - Gail
  • Jean Ainslie - Cleaning Lady
  • Kim Thomson - Helen Radford
  • Noel Johnson - Butler
  • Isabel Dean - Isobel Radford
  • Paul Shelley - Stephen Radford
  • Lionel Jeffries - Charles Radford
  • Alex Jennings - Victor Preece
  • Betty Marsden - Cynthia Preece
  • John Bird - George Linacre
  • John Golightly - Alford Nelson
  • Bernard Brown - Wheatley
  • San Lee - Maid
  • Lisa Harrow - Thelma Radford
  • Maggie Wilkinson - Shirley
  • Liz Kettle - WPC

Trivia Edit

  • Alex Jennings (Victor Preece) would go on to appear in the Lewis episode 'The Soul of Genius' as Rev Conor Hawes.