The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn is episode two of season one of Inspector Morse.

Synopsis Edit

Morse and Lewis investigate the death of Nicholas Quinn, a hard of hearing Oxford examiner who had recently complained to his superior that others in the examination syndicate were selling secrets. Quinn died of cyanide poisoning but Morse is convinced that this is a case of murder, not suicide. When a second prominent member of the syndicate is killed, Morse looks to the other members for the murderer. What he finds is a maze of deceit and office adultery.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Barbara Flynn - Monica Height
  • Michael Gough - Philip Ogleby
  • Clive Swift - Dr Bartlett
  • Frederick Treves - Dean of Lonsdale College
  • Anthony Smee - Roope
  • Roger Lloyd Pack - Donald Martin
  • Julie Neubert - Mrs Martin
  • Phil Nice - Nicholas Quinn
  • Elspet Grey - Mrs Quinn
  • Arthur Cox - Noakes
  • Philip Voss - Coroner
  • Gabrielle Blunt - Mrs Evans
  • Angela Barlow - Nurse
  • Denyse Alexander - Cinema Manageress
  • Stefan Schwartz - Richard Bartlett
  • Saul Reichlin - Sheik of Al-Jamara
  • Diana Blackburn - Lip-Reading Teacher
  • Malcolm Mudie - Mr Parker
  • Hugh Evans - Landlord
  • Kate O'Connell - Barmaid

Trivia Edit

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