Neverland is episode four of season two of Endeavour.

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

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Guest Cast Edit

  • Louis Ashbourne Serkis - Tommy Cork
  • Andrew Gower - Nicholas Myers
  • Oliver Lansley - Benny Topling
  • Martin Hancock - Parker
  • Oliver Coleman - Henry Portmore
  • Sarah Beck Mather - Hilary Portmore
  • Nick Waring - Force Medical Examiner
  • Mark Flitton - Prison Officer Wainwright
  • Derek Hutchinson - Chief Constable Rupert Standish
  • Richard Dixon - Josiah Landesman
  • Gordon Kennedy - Alderman Gerald Wintergreen
  • Sarah Woodward - Hazel Wintergreen
  • James Wilby - ACC Clive Deare
  • Emma Hiddleston - Angela McGarrett
  • Abby Ford - Mona Cork
  • Vince Leigh - DI Hugh Chard
  • Paul Ridley - Dr. Jasper Fairbridge
  • George Turvey - PC Willis
  • Max Gold - DI Gregson

Trivia Edit

  • Oliver Lansley (Benny Topling) would go on to appear in the Lewis episode 'What Lies Tangled' as David Capstone.
  • James Wilby (ACC Clive Deare) previously appeared in the Lewis episode 'Expiation' as Hugh Mallory.
  • The successor to Blenheim Vale, Boxgrove, mentioned in this episode was also mentioned in the Lewis episode 'Fearful Symmetry'.


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