Dr Laura Hobson is the pathologist who appears in the final few Inspector Morse episodes, and throughout the Lewis series. In Inspector Morse, she replaced Doctor Grayling Russell after she chose to leave. The character is played by Clare Holman. Her birth place is unknown, but she moved to Oxford to attend Gresham College, in which she shared a house with a group of people.

In Inspector Morse, she appears to be the youngest pathologist that there has been, so this shows that she is not a woman drawn to Morse's charms like Dr Russell. She does however get on very well with Lewis, but there is no romantic connection between them both at this stage. She is similar to Morse's first pathologist Max, being much more humorous about her job and less delicate than Dr Russell.

In Lewis, she returns as the pathologist. She is much older, but is still very much the same. Hobson still remains good friends with Lewis, and gets on very well with his Sergeant, James Hathaway. When Lewis' wife Valerie died, she supported him throughout. As the series progressed, romantic connections between Hobson and Lewis began. They finally began a relationship in series seven. Laura Hobson is impaled with a trident.

Relationship with DI Endeavour MorseEdit

Hobson and Morse first met in the Inspector Morse episode The Way Through the Woods. Morse wasn't very attracted to her when they first met, and she was much younger than Dr Russell, so there was no romance between them both. She acts very professional towards Morse, although there was a brief flirtation with him, but nothing else.

Relationship with DI Robbie LewisEdit

Hobson and Lewis first met in the Inspector Morse episode The Way Through the Woods. There was no romantic connection between them both here as Lewis was happily married with children. They did get on very well during this time. Hobson was there for Lewis when his wife died, and since then, romance started to loom in the air between them. They embarked on a relationship in series seven. Lewis thinks about going into retirement so that he can spend more time with her, and enjoy life whilst he can.

Relationship with DI James HathawayEdit

Hobson and Hathaway first met in the Lewis episode Reputation. They get on very well together, but there is no romance between them both. Hobson, Lewis and Hathaway often go for a drink down the pub together after work.