Cartouche is episode two of season five of Endeavour.

Synopsis Edit

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Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

  • Sara Vickers - Joan Thursday
  • Caroline O'Neill - Win Thursday
  • Mark Arden - Eddie Nero
  • Phil Daniels - Charlie Thursday

Guest Cast Edit

  • Abby Wilson - Betty Persky
  • Iain Stuart Robertson - Ronald Beavis
  • Christopher Sciueref - Dr Moharram Shoukry
  • Ray Polhill - Inspector Atwill
  • Alan David - Lambert Kegworth
  • John McAndrew - Leslie Garnier
  • Simon Dutton - Armand De Vere
  • Luke Hornsby - Kenneth Bullings
  • Sophia Capasso - Guilia Gallo
  • Pano Masti - Pop Gallo
  • Alister Hawke - Liam Flynn
  • David Shaw Parker - Commissionaire Edmund Gordon
  • Robin Weaver - Molly Copperstone
  • Donald Sumpter - Emil Valdemar
  • Emma Rigby - Carol Thursday
  • Linette Beaumont - Paulette Thursday
  • Betty Denville - Veronique Carlton
  • Michael Levi Harris - Zoltan Xarkoff
  • Steven Flynn - Jason Curwin

Trivia Edit

  • Alan David (Lambert Kegworth) previously appeared in the Inspector Morse episode 'Twilight of the Gods' as Sir Watkin Davies.
  • Robin Weaver (Molly Copperstone) previously appeared in the Lewis episode 'Beyond Good and Evil' as Pamela Carson.
  • The pilot episode is referenced when Morse finds a Rosalind Galloway record in the murdered man's apartment.
  • The episode 'Muse' is referenced by an advertisement for Magdalen Cabs, Eddie Nero's business, in the phone box that Morse uses.


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